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property management
Property in France could provide the following services:
  1. Look after and maintain your Property whilst you are elsewhere. We will check for anything that might need to be done. Check for burst pipes and any electrical problems especially after cold weather and power cuts.
  2. Source Tradesman. Recommend tradesman from our own list of contacts and make sure that your wishes and improvements are carried out quickly, efficiently and up to building regulations standards.
  3. Make sure the house is ready for new occupants to move into during letting weeks and assist in changeovers.
  4. Arrange to warm the house or air it as the time of year determines.
  5. Check the inventory on changeovers.
  6. Buy produce from the local market as necessary to make sure that all new visitors have something for their first meal. Clean and vacuum for when house is not being used.
  7. Listing for the year on Property in France website in the area concerned describing your property and its facilities. This should be written by yourselves as you would probably know the area best.
  8. Be on call at all times in cases of emergency to help the occupants or visitors.
  9. Provide individual Service where it is needed.

A contract will be drawn up for each individual property clearly stating how much attention is required and to what detail the property is maintained. In each case, the first contact will be a meeting to discuss the requirements and the expected level of involvement in maintaining the property concerned. Once this has been established the contract will be agreed on a twelve month basis.

If you are interested in discussing your requirements please send an email to giving your contact details and we will take it from there.


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